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Compliments and Old News

Complimentary Comments

A selection of this year's messages

"I began to think this day would never arrive, the Tribunal process has ended, finally it's over. Thank you so much for all your support throughout this process, it has meant so much".

"Wow! Now there is a report!! That is fantastic. I just hope that it will be enough to concede without going to tribunal. I read with a knot in my stomach as I feel so very anxious but I am so pleased at how thorough you have been and how you have identified where he is and what needs to be done to help him achieve. You have been marvellous, I have taken on board your feedback..."

"Dear Ruth, thank you so much. My son is back to his old self, noisy around the house and happy, it is music to our ears".

"Ruth, thank you for an extremely detailed and very useful report".


A selection of last year's messages

"What a year we've had, we wouldn't have got through it without you".

"Thank you so much for all that you have done so far and hopefully the light at the end of this dark tunnel will come in the New Year".

"Hope you managed to get a well deserved rest over Christmas. I've seen with my own eyes how much energy you put into your work".

"Just a quick not to say thank you for getting me through my GCSEs. They felt like the toughest time of my life but now I realise they are far from it. Thank you so much for your help".

"Hi Ruth, it's been some time (approx 11 years) since we last met and you helped our son Samuel gain a place at Percy Hedley School. I just wanted to give you a quick update.  I hope you can remember us!  Samuel went on to Northumbria University to do a Maths degree, and last year he started a Masters degree in CFD at Cranfield University.  Despite this last year being his (and our) most difficult challenge to date (and that's saying something!) we are delighted to say that he recently found out he'd passed.  Sam is now starting a PhD course at Durham University again in CFD.  We just wanted to let you know as we are certain we would not be in this position without the help you provided for us when we needed it the most. Thank you. Sally, Mark and of course Samuel." 

Ruth replied   "Dear Sally, What an amazing email!  OF COURSE I remember Samuel and I was just thrilled to have such a remarkable update; you must be immensely proud. I shall write to Samuel personally. Very, very best wishes to you all.  Ruth"

"A big thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you."

"I am very sorry I got a bit teary last session, there were a few things on my mind. And I’m sorry I got you concerned and worried, but thank you for your comfort as well. I do appreciate all you do for me, each session, even when it’s hard."

"On behalf of us all could I just say how much your support has meant over the past few months. I do feel that Hannah will continue to progress with all the help you have given. Thank you."

"Hi Ruth, Lucy has done herself proud in her SATS.  She got level 5 in grammar, punctuation and spelling, level 4 in her reading and 5 in maths, fantastic! She has had an eye examination and had a 9% increase in her reading speed when using an orange overlay which was significant enough to qualify for a tint in her glasses, hopefully she'll have this in time for secondary school. The word 'resilient' crops up in lots of conversations, her session with you worked tremendously. Thanks for everything once again. Sally."  

"Hi, I did a lot of work with Ruth between 2006 and 2008 during Court Proceedings regarding my two children Oliver and John.  I've recently re-read the reports from during this time and would like to thank Ruth for all she did for me and saw in me. Sadly Oliver and John were adopted although Samuel was returned to my care and I believe a large part of this was due to the belief that Ruth had in me. I now have another son Aaron age 3 months and I don't believe I would have got to where I am today if it weren't for her encouragement. I would be eternally grateful if this message could get to Ruth so she can see that all her work has made a difference. Kindest regards." 

Below  is the last paragraph of an email Ruth received from the mother of a 6 year old with challenging behaviour who she had recently worked with.  Ruth made arrangements to return to Yorkshire in order to provide further input.

"We would love to have your input again as it was SO valuable the last time and so much good has come from it. Life changing really. So I shout a resounding “THANK YOU” and much applause into cyber space. Hope you can hear it!"

(The names in all letters and emails have been changed so as not to be recognisable.) 


Other News 

STEPS Brochure

We have a brochure which introduces the services that we offer. We can send you a copy in the post if you ask us. Alternatively you can download our brochure here.

Newspaper Article 

In August 2012, The Hexham Courant published an article about STEPS Psychology. Click here to view the Hexham Courant Article

Other News

The 2013 - 2014 Guidelines for "Adjustments for Candidates with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties - Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments" covering GCSE and A level examinations.   Click here for further information

September 2013, The Telegraph reported plans to delay child school starting by two years. Click here to view the article  

August 2013, we were alarmed to see on BBC News a Report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) stating that the number of prescriptions for Ritalin written for children with ADHD in the UK has increased by 50% over the past 6 years.  There are often other and better options for children with ADHD. Click here to view the BBC News Report

July 2013, the Children's Society published research on "The happiness of this country’s children is in decline, with teenagers experiencing particularly low well-being". Click here to view The Children's Society Report



Latest News

Messages from Clients. Ruth has recently received a nice message from a client who she has guided through the all the ups and downs of the Tribunal process. Click here to view this and other messages she has received.

In February "Varsity", Cambridge University's student newspaper highlighted the university's outdated system for students requiring Access ArrangementsClick here for more information

An increase in numbers of Access Arrangements has caused unforeseen complications. Click here for further information

This year's Access Arrangements Guidelines for GCSE and A level examinations are available online. Click here for more information

We now have a brochure which describes the services that STEPS Psychology offers.  If you want us to send you a copy in the post you can request one here. Or, you can download it yourself here.

Older News 

To view older news about STEPS Psychology. Click here for older news items


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